Friday, February 2, 2007

Korogocho Slum- A Closer Look

Though I've been in Mexico City for four days now, all my dreams this week have been set in Africa. Perhaps I left a part of me in Nairobi.

So I've decided that before I move on to show you glimpses of life in this crazy Mexican megalopolis, I'll show you some important images of a life that although seems a world away, is closer than you think.

As a journalist I've gotten used to getting up close to people for photographs or interviews, but I felt horrible being the intrusive tourist at the slum trying to shoot the amazing scenes around me. So at one point I just kept my camera under my bag and began shooting. After I looked at the images I discovered little details that in writing many of us call "gold nuggets."
The photo in front of the store was one of those pictures. Later I noticed the little girl with the baby on her back.

For the last part of our walk through Korogocho, a friendly Korogocho woman wearing a beautiful orange dress and headwrap joined us. She said something in Swahili to a community organizer who was showing us around, and he couldn't help but laugh. "She is saying that she wishes you and Erika could stay here to marry her sons!," he said. We all had a good laugh. But somehow I think she was only half kidding. That wasn't the last marriage proposal from moms that we received during the trip. I had to take a picture of that mom/cupid.

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