Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Belizean Wildlife

SOMEWHERE IN THE BELIZE JUNGLE--After a successful interview with the country's Prime Minister Dean Barrow, we treated ourselves to checking out Belize's incredible jungle animal life at a nearby sanctuary. Just like Belize's people, it's wildlife is full of diversity with exotic animals from spider monkeys to mountain cows.

Seeing a toucan up close had to be one of the most amazing sights on the trip. Jeremy got a special treat when he got to see some monkeys (his favorite). We saw some Black Howler Monkeys, which are endangered and one of the largest monkeys in the Americas. We also got closeups of a jaguar and puma!

But my absolute favorite jungle animal had to be the tapir, or mountain cow. Check out how cute they are in this video I shot:

The mountain cows prefer veggies and are mostly active at night around river banks. They are related to horses and rhinos.

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