Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Off we go...

After staying put in Mexico City for about a month and a half, this past weekend we dusted off our suitcases and began another travel cycle. At least that's what we call it because our travels seem to happen in waves. Sometimes it feels like we are never home, and other times we can't wait to leave the city.

We began by revisiting a small town south of Mexico City called Tepoztlan, where we spent last Valentine's Day. Although we were back for work purposes, it was a pleasant way to start our summer journeys.

We stayed at a beautiful hotel called Posada del Tepozteco. It was really something we had to cherish because often when on the road (mostly in non-touristy, middle-of-nowhere towns) we are faced with dealing with some shady lodging situations. But maybe I'll leave that for another blog post. For now, I'll just say that there have been times where we've stayed in hotels where I've been afraid to step on the floor barefoot, where I've refused to take a shower because of the overall funk, and times where we've had to run out and buy scented candles to be able to withstand nasty sewage odors.

So I have learned to be extra appreciate of places like this:

No wonder Angelina Jolie stayed here for three months in 2001 while filming the movie Original Sin with Antonio Banderas.


Photobucket This is the amazing view from the hotel patio.

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