Thursday, March 13, 2008

Three-legged surprise

TECOMATE, Guerrero-- On our way to this town on Mexico's Costa Chica, which is home to most of the country's Afro-Mexican population, we saw Rigoberto. Rigoberto was walking on a long, unpaved road in the scorching sun carrying this iguana and a device used to snatch coconuts from palm trees.

We were in a minivan traveling with a group of migrants who we were writing about. They explained that iguana is considered a delicacy in this region, and so we stopped the minivan to talk to Rigoberto. A passenger in our group yelled out to him, "How much for the iguana?" Rigoberto smiled and said it wasn't for sale, pointing at it's missing leg. Another car pulled up next to us and also asked how much the iguana cost. But Rigoberto rejected that offer too. After more chit-chatting we offered him a ride to the town. And in the end, six men, one woman (me) and an iguana all rode off together.

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