Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tunick in the Zocalo

photo by El Universal
Mexico City broke records last May when New York artist Spencer Tunick gathered more than 18,000 nude Mexicans to pose for a photo shoot. People have a love/hate relationship with Tunick's work, but regardless of anyone's opinion, Tunick stirred political and social issues in a conservative country with a not-so-conservative capital.

I got to check out Tunick's work, which included photos, photo slide shows, videos and a documentary, on the last day of its exhibit in the D.F. It was awesome to finally see the results of months worth of hype. During the exhibit some of the participants who posed nude came with their famillies to check out the photos. It was extremely obvious who had bared it all for the photo because they were grinning from ear to ear during the exhibit like celebrities on the red carpet.

It was beautiful to see that not everyone was a model. In fact, there were overweight, slender, dark-skinned, light-skinned, young, old, regular people which truly represented the diverse panorama that is Mexico.

We overheard one women who had posed naked laughing and reminiscing about how she got stuck behind a guy with hairy butt cheeks. Another man had his family take photos of him in front of Tunick's naked photos.

Whether Tunick's photo did anything to change the political, cultural or social scene in the megalopolis can be debated. But one thing was for sure-- it definitely changed the lives of each of those 18,000 participants in some way.

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