Thursday, December 13, 2007

Poinsetta Snatchers

Christmas time in Mexico City is clearly marked when poinsettas, or noche buenas, begin popping up everywhere. After all, poinsettas are native to Mexico. It's a busy time for flower vendors who sell on the street because the noche buenas are in huge demand and can go for anywhere from $1- 10 dollars, depending on the size.

We decided to buy a few and put them on our window sill, which is accessible to anyone passing through the sidewalk. We had them out for about two days until some passerby yanked the poinsetta from the pot and took it. At first I thought maybe it was some kids passing by and destroying things along the way. But we were told that the most likely poinsetta snatchers were the same flower sellers who are down the street. Apparently, they snatch the flower with its root intact and even a little dirt from the pot, then replant it and resell it. Smart.

So we bought some more poinsettas (probably we bought back the ones the same ones that were stolen from us) and got creative with our very own anti-poinsetta theft device. We'll see if these make it through the Christmas season.

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