Monday, November 26, 2007

Salt Swamp

CUARTRO CIENEGAS--We found ourselves in the middle of a salt swamp while checking out the biodiversity here. A lake in the area had dried up, leaving behind a salty muck. A local biologist took Jeremy to the middle of the salt swamp, where tiny shrimp were still swimming around.

When I first jumped out of the car I stepped into the mud-like stuff and quickly started to sink. Luckily, I was pulled out soon. My shoes, though, were not that lucky. I spent hours trying to clean the salt stains.


Joy said...

Is the lake drying up a natural thing or being blamed on people?

I would love to see the photos of the famed turquoise lakes...did you see any of those?

Nancy said...

Well the overrall water levels in the area are going down for both human and natural causes. We did see those amazing turquoise lakes, but I sent my best photos for publication and temporarily gave up my copyrights. I'll see if there are other photos I shot that I can post.