Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Meeting Camilo

It was almost like being in a surreal world when we found ourselves in the actual home of a famous Mexico City musician and big-shot EMI record executive. Camilo Lara, of the band called Instituto Mexicano del Sonido (Mexican Institute of Sound), meshes traditional Mexican beats with electronica, ska, rock, etc.

Camilo invited us to check out the making of his first music video--which will be aired soon on MTV and VH1-- in his house! I first got hooked to MIS when my friend Geo from Miami gave me his copy of the band's first album, Mexico Majico. As I shot photos of the music video production, I thought how I would have never imagined hanging out with the band when Geo first handed me that CD.

So OK, I was a little star-struck, but Camilo turned out to be a very chilled, down-to-earth guy, super approachable and easy going. They played an awesome show that night, where I got access to film and shoot photos. I wish I could show you those photos, but they are embargoed until a few days after publication.

In the mean time, check out a few songs on the band's myspace page. Just click on this blog title. Enjoy!

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