Friday, August 3, 2007

Special Blogger Alert! Husband Weighs in on City's Black Market

Don't get worried everyone, but I have hijacked Nancy's blog for a little bit. I was going to write a lengthy entry about the Red Sox chances this year, but in the end decided to show some pictures of one of the coolest markets in Mexico City, El Chopo. My little bro Zachary was in town last week (he turned 15 and we celebrated at Six Flags Mexico) and I figured he'd rather check out El Chopo than the National Anthropology Museum.

The first thing we noticed at El Chopo is that there are real life vampires wandering around. These guys go all out with the makeup.

El Chopo is basically the pirate market for all the goths, punks and alternative kids in the city.

Every Saturday they gather to shop for bootleg CDs, buy rock t-shirts and pass out fliers for their bands' next show. We saw truly original hair-dos and some old school punks with two-feet high mohawks.

Zach bought a CD that contained the entire discography of Soundgarden (for $3) and a disc of Ska-P, a local band. He looked happy.

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