Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chapala-- more than three decades later

"The natural water level of Lake Chapala comes up to this spot. It is for this level that we are fighting for."

About 36 years ago, my parents traveled to Guadalajara on their honeymoon. During their stay, they visited the nearby quaint town of Chapala with the famous Lake Chapala. Growing up, I remember seeing a shapshot taken of them eating by the lake. Last week, Jeremy and I were in Guadalajara on assignment and decided to check out the scene that I remembered from my parent's photograph.

Though the town still has its charm with cobblestone streets, fountains and colorful tiles decorating the downtown area, the lake now has grave problems. The water has turned brownish, and most disappointing is that the beachside sand has practically disappeared and has been replaced by non-native algae. I looked around and wondered where my parents could have taken that photo. It seemed like they were right by the water. But now the water levels have gone down drastically, and the lake is further away from the shore.

According to NASA news, "Lake Chapala is in the inauspicious company of many shrinking lakes worldwide and its future remains uncertain."

Read more about why Lake Chapala is in danger and what efforts for saving the lake have been made by clicking on the title of this blog.

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