Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mujer before her time

XOCHIMILCO, D.F.-It's hard not to talk about Mexican artist Diego Rivera's life and not bring up Dolores "Lola" Olmedo. After Frida Kahlo's death, Diego spent two inseparable years with Olmedo, with whom he had a close friendship for many years. It is rumored that Olmedo was obsessed with Diego, and that she was one of Diego's many mistresses. Olmedo was the subject of many of Rivera's most famous works.
Olmedo was a huge promoter of Mexican culture and art. She collected more than 100 Rivera pieces and about 25 Kahlo paintings as well. She was a revolutionary, in that she was a successful businesswoman in a time when women were not running companies. Olmedo lived until she was 93, leaving her renowned art collection to the Mexican people.
We visited the Olmedo museum, south of the city, this weekend and were in awe of the beautiful hacienda that was her home duing her last 20 or so years of life. Peacocks and pre-hispanic dogs rans all around the 8-acre lush property. It's amazing to imagine all the great Mexican people who must have been guests at her home.

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