Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In Nairobi!

Erika and I finally made it to Kenya! I think my nalgas have flattened from the crazy travel schedule:

Mexico City to Austin
Austin to Chicago
Chicago to London
London to Nairobi

The World Social Forum begins in a few days and soon this already busy city will be filled with 150,000 activists, journalists, environmentalists, etc. Erika and I will be among them.

Nairobi in some ways reminds me of Mexico City. I spotted some broken glass on fences and some rooftops. Driving is crazy and people downtown are on the go. It's funny how small the world really is.

We were greeted in the hotel by Kenyan performers who danced and sung for us. Listening to the group of women harmonize made my eyes water. There's probably more of that to come.

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